SilverSmith: The Open Road Ahead

28 Aug

SilverSmith: The Open Road Ahead

Followers of my Github profile may have noticed the arrival of a new member of the family a few weeks ago. SilverSmith is now open source!

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SilverSmith CLI: The Alpha Release Cometh

4 Apr

The first official release of SilverSmith is here, in the form of a command-line interface (CLI) toolset. Watch the video and learn how to change the way you develop in SilverStripe forever!

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An Update On SilverSmith: Translations, Template Genius, and more!

17 Nov

Got 20 minutes? Check out the latest screencast on SilverSmith, detailing several new features including Translations, the Template Genius, and more. We’ll walk through the construction of a basic site and demonstrate several ways to create a data-driven, dynamic website easily using SilverSmith’s powerful code generation tools. We’ll also discuss plans for a release schedule!

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11 Aug

I just launched what will eventually be the marketing website for the SilverSmith application. There’s not much there now, but I’m happy to collect your email if you want to receive updates about the SilverSmith project.

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An Update on SilverSmith

21 Jul

It’s been a while since I’ve followed up on my recent announcement of the SilverSmith framework for SilverStripe. Most of that is owed to my time being spend on its development, leaving little left for promotion. I wanted to check in today and get you all up to speed on where we are with this project. (Spoiler alert: it’s still not ready to ship!)

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Your SilverSmith Questions Answered

25 Apr

I’ve been quite taken with the stir that has been created off my recent preview of the SilverSmith framework for SilverStripe. Naturally, a lot of you have questions, many of which I have answers to, while others are still not known. As you may have noticed, it isn’t often that I comment on my own blog posts, so I thought I would take this opportunity to address some of the most commonly asked questions I have received.

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The SilverSmith Framework: Code Right. Type Less. Build Fast.

11 Apr

I’m very happy today to release a preview of a project I have been working on for several months under the working title “SilverSmith.” SilverSmith is a framework for building SilverStripe sites that provides code, template, and content generation tools using a YAML configuration file. I have been using this tool on several projects and it has saved me volumes of production time by cutting out all of the repetitive tasks involved in building a SilverStripe. I’m really excited to share it with the community and get some feedback.

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